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SEED:  Seeking justice and truth


The overarching story of the Bible depicts God as a God of Justice.  When we seek to understand God, we will find ourselves recognizing that God cares about the lost, the alien, the poor, the hurting, the weak, and those who have been ostracized from society.  The Bible also expresses that Jesus is the Truth.  John 8:31-32 puts it this way:  "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."" (NIV)  Freedom is all about justice - God's ultimate act of justice is freeing humanity from the grasp of sin.  Truth and justice are, therefore, wrapped up in one another - and we can find both in our God. 

live it out

Seeking justice the way that God expresses justice will lead us toward the people who need God's love the very most.  As God has set us free from our sin and bondage, so we seek to bring about God's justice in their lives - giving people the help that they need to truly live life, not just suffer through it. 

spread it 

Find the people out there who don't know about God's justice, but are interested in justice and help them come to an understanding of the truth:  God cares about justice even more than they do; and that the whole reason that they care is because they have been created in His image.  The impulse that humanity has for justice comes directly from God. 

When we understand and live out justice and truth then we begin...

empowering people to greater ways of living

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