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About us

Our ministers:


Jessica Knapp

SEED Minister

Jessica moved to Tucson in 1999 as a grad student at the University of Arizona.  She was a member of Ambassadors 4 Christ and taught math courses at the U of A, first as a grad student and then as an adjunct professor. She graduated in 2006 with her PhD in Mathematics Education from Arizona State University.  After graduation, Jessica worked as a professor of mathematics at Pima Community College for several years while also volunteering for 14 years as a youth minister. Before moving here, she earned a BA in Public Relations and a BS in Mathematics from Pepperdine University, and still loves the beach (and Humpback Whales).

Jessica married her husband and fellow adventurer in life in 2001.  They met through the campus ministry. Together they have produced four adorable little ones. She loves working with students, reading, singing, teaching, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and traveling. She has a passion for talking about God and all things chocolate.

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Daniel Hallett

Campus Ministry Intern

Daniel moved to Tucson in the fall of 2022 after graduating high school and finishing a summer internship with Camp Manatawny In Pennsylvania where his parents and dog (Rufus) still live. He plans to go to college in the 23-24 school year for film making, and in the meantime is working as a photographer at JCPenney Portrait Studio and a Campus Ministry Intern for Dwell. Daniel loves spending time in nature, disc golf, creating videos, and serving the Lord and others.

Student leaders:



I am from Tucson and study veterinary science. I playing football, basketball, and practically any sport. My perfect day would be spending time with close friends and family bonding. I love dwell because of the people I have met and the relationships I have established. Having Christian friends have helped me become a better Christian and I encourage for others who want to become closer to Christ to do as well.




I was born in the Bronx NY. Raised in Dallas TX. Finished high school in San Francisco California and currently live in Tucson for college. My major is Music Education so I can become a Music teacher, and I love to crochet. I love Dwell because of the community I've found within it. Everyone comes as themselves and there's a judgment free and safe space that's created. Because of this community, they've made it easier for me to share and develop my faith.


student leader

I was born in Los Vegas, Nevada, and have been a resident of Arizona for 15 years. Currently, I am a Pima community college student majoring in AIT (Automated Industrial Technology). I plan to finish up with the AIT associates degree program and the certificates that come with it in the spring of 2024. My hobbies include: Fishing, Playing video games and board games alike, teaching people new games, and singing/listening to music. Why I love Dwell? Because it creates an atmosphere that is both fun and serious. Where people can open up freely in the same time period that they nearly died laughing.
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Vice President

I am 20 years old and from Tucson, AZ. I am currently studying at the University of Arizona to become a Special Education Teacher. I joined Dwell just a couple of month ago and have loved it every since. Since becoming a Christian, I always prayed for a group of friends that love and live for the Lord. God provided and brought me to Dwell. I loves Dwell because it is a supportive and loving community who are passionate about following and serving the Lord.



Hello! My name is Joseph Cooper. I'm from right here in Tucson. I am a junior and a psychology major and my idea of a perfect day is being able to help somebody do something. I enjoy playing guitar and singing and I am a plumber but don't tell anybody. I am a person in long term recovery from addiction and I'm amazed at all the ways God has worked, and is working, in my life. There are many things I love about Dwell Campus Ministry: Bible study, fun, food, fellowship and great times with great people!
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