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SEED:  encouraging holiness and wholeness


The word "Holiness" means "set apart."  God has chosen a people to set apart for himself - they are the people who profess Him as King, and live out his values.  In that sense, He has made us holy.  We are holy because God has made us so.  The concept of "wholeness" can also be understood as "completeness."  The marriage is used metaphorically in scripture on numerous occasions to show what "completeness" looks like - husband and wife together image God in a way that neither can on their own - they "complete" each other.  But the Bible is also clear that what humanity truly needs for "completion" or "wholeness" is a relationship with God.  This is why the church is sometimes referred to as, "the Bride of Christ." 

live it out

Knowing that God has set us apart as his chosen people begs a question:  "Chosen for what?"  The answer is, "chosen to express God's character (his goodness, grace, mercy, justice, etc.) to the world around us."  Thus, we must SEEK holiness.  God has made us holy in one sense, but in another sense, we need to do our best to live up to that standard.  The SEED exists, in part, to spur one another on toward the holiness we are called toward so that when people see us, we look like Jesus, As we work together toward holiness, we will find that having God's values is what makes us whole.  Holiness leads to wholeness, and we want to encourage one another toward both. 

spread it

In this case, living it out IS spreading it!  When we live holy lives in the midst of a vandalized creation, we bring a little bit of heaven to earth wherever we go.  So, we encourage all SEED team members to put their holiness into action, and help others see the wholeness that is offered in Jesus. 

While striving for holiness and wholeness we begin.....

dreaming of ways to better our world

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