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SEED:  dreaming of ways to better our world


Our God is a creative God.  He formed the earth and all that is in it.  He placed the stars in the sky and the planets in their places, gave us the sun and the moon to light the day and night...AND he gave each of us a unique personality!  None of us are exactly the same, and yet we all - together - image God.  When we recognize that we are the image of God, we realize that we were created to be creators!  Some of us may have more of this than other, but together we have so much to offer the world around us, because God created us to be this way!  Furthermore, God is a God who cares about his creation.  Our task as image bearers is to "make the world a better place." 

live it out

Since it is true that god loves and cares for his creation, we want to be people who do our best to live out the directive we have to make the world a better place.  so, be creative!  How can we make the U of A a better place?  How about Tucson?  Arizona, the United States, North America, and even the world!  Think deeply about what can be done.  Pray fervently, and look to God for creative answers!  However, we need not reinvent the wheel in order to live out this task.  There are already lots of great ideas out there that need more workers, and need more buy in.  Bring the Gospel to foreigners in our midst by helping to teach them English.  Join a project to bring water to people who don't have it.  Be more mindful of recycling and using only what you need.  Serve the poor here in our community.  There are hundreds of ways to live this out, but being mindful of the care for ALL of God's creation (human beings, animals, and even the earth itself) will help us to live out God's will for humanity. 

spread it out

Creativity is a God-given trait that is possessed by ALL people (not just Christians).  Our task is to give glory to God, and to help the world to know that when we are creatively loving creation, that we do so because it is how we were created.  Let's let the world know that care for creation is the spark of God himself! 

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